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What does Graphic
Communication have to do
with Site Conversion?
For a long time, we have believed that graphic communication is critically important to our clients' websites, with a direct impact on their conversion rates. What do we mean by graphic communication? This isn't a question of whether the header text is blue or red. Rather, we're concerned about the bigger picture: how well the graphics communicate the client's product.

Show Customers Exactly What You're Offering
The graphics on a website should make it immediately clear what the USPs are, who the target audience is, whether the product is up-market or budget, an exclusive selection or a wide-ranging choice, and so on. If a potential customer lands on a page and finds that it offers exactly what they are looking for, they are highly likely to email an enquiry or pick up the phone - to convert. If that same person lands a page and they're not entirely sure what it is they're being offered, they are more likely to look elsewhere.

LeadGenerators Case Study Series
Throughout these case studies, this is our guiding principle. With this series, we will show you how we have improved the graphic communication on a range of our clients' websites - in the hope that this will be useful for you when you look at ways of improving the effectiveness of your own website.

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Site Conversion Analysis -

The Graphic Communication Challenge

Following our previous Site Conversion Case Studies, we have received questions on a great range of subjects relating to this topic. One that has come up several times from travel companies is the issue of selling the destination vs. selling the company's offering in that destination. Should there be separate pages for this? Or should there be just one Landing Page that combines these two purposes?

We realised that we have an answer handy for this, in the form of a Site Conversion Case Study we put together some time ago for Bowhills. The short version is: There should be just one Landing Page. The long version is below...

The Client

With over 30 years' experience in superb holiday properties, Bowhills (now part of French Country Cottages) are experts in France. They specialise in providing premium holiday cottages within the most beautiful areas of the country - their knowledgeable team has been to all the best locations in France and knows exactly what makes a holiday there truly unforgettable.

Before we begin, we must ask ourselves: what is Bowhills' aim? The answer is that they want to increase bookings to their villas - in this case, their villas on the Atlantic Coast. The Landing Page must therefore give a very clear message: Bowhills have Atlantic Coast villas to offer, and theirs are the best.

Using Graphic Communication to Improve the Site

Header Text

Before even getting to the body text on the Bowhills Landing Page, we must consider the heading. As the purpose of Bowhills' page is ultimately to increase bookings for their villas on the Atlantic Coast, calling it 'France' could give visitors the impression that they're about to read a travel guide or destination guide on France. We changed it to 'Atlantic Coast Villas', a more apt description of the product for sale. Anyone who arrives at this Landing Page looking for villas on the Atlantic Coast will now know that they have found what they're looking for, and they will be more likely to read on.
Body Text

Bowhills had chosen to try to entice people with the golden beaches and watersports of the Atlantic Coast. In doing this, they had made their Landing Page read more like destination guide than a sales pitch - with more emphasis on the evocative descriptions of the salt-marsh lamb that could be sampled whilst holidaying on the Atlantic Coast, rather than the great villas on offer.

This is a common mistake for many of our clients in the travel industry and one that we are often asked to solve. While some descriptive text is a good idea, the main focus should be on the operator's offering: in this instance, their superb villas and farmhouses in the Atlantic Coast. Specifically, a visitor to the Landing Page must be convinced that they want to book a Bowhills villa, instead of a villa from another company.

We therefore re-wrote the text to concentrate on the rustic French farmhouses and spacious villas by the sea, and we made sure to mention the wealth of experience that Bowhills have in the region.
Show The Products

The villas previously appeared on the sidebar only. We felt that as Bowhills' main product, they should appear more prominently. We kept the villas in the sidebar, but added a selection to the main body text - specifically those on special offer. Using bright graphics to show off the discounts, we imbued the page with a sense of urgency, so that people would want to complete the purchase before the offers expired.
How does this help improve ROI?

Many businesses spend a lot of money to generate traffic to their sites, through SEO, PPC, and so on. By using graphic communication properly, the same amount of traffic can be converted into a greater quantity of sales. For this reason, implementing site conversion strategies - as we do for many of our clients - is a vital ingredient in the online marketing mix, ensuring that websites work harder for the same cost and thereby increase ROI.

How can we help?

LeadGenerators has vast experience helping clients improve the conversion rates of their websites, employing strategies similar to the one above and in our other Site Conversion Case Studies. If you would like to find out more about how to make your site work harder for you, please give us a call or fill out the enquiry form below.